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After settling his beef with a fellow Toronto rapper, Drake might be BIG mad to learn that his former nemesis is getting close to his ex.As previously reported after years of tension from shady interviews, subliminal rap songs, and snide comments, Drizzy and Tory Lanez recently buried the hatchet on their beef.

Apparently, FBI surveillance cameras come complete with big red record lights, and FBI undercover agents are not wired remotely.I was still skeptic, but I decided to have an open mind and check it out for myself. The only thing this film has in common with the 1964 film is a political background, a domineering mother, and the brainwashing angle (which is done significantly differently here).This film is about what's happening now, and it's as gutsy as any film in today's political climate can possibly get.Consciously or subconsciously, conspiracies are on all of our minds.Today, because there is so much secrecy in the current administration, no one knows just how terrible OR innocent these guys might really be.

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